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  • This month, roses will begin their first bloom. For those of you who were waiting to select a new rose plant until you could see the actual flower, this will be the month to stop by the garden center and stroll through the roses! Also to keep those insects away use Bayer 2-In-1 Systemic Rose and Flower Care.

  • Azaleas and camellias are best planted while blooming. They began their blooming in February, so March is right in the middle of their blooming season. DON'T feed your camellias until they have completed their blooming! If you do, they will drop all remaining buds and you will be so very unhappy, thinking that you killed your shrub. Fertilize to reward the plant AFTER the blooming ends. Dr. Earth Azeala Food is a great organic option.

  • Spring color plants are arriving! Color up your gardens with perennials and annuals. Look for perennials such as campanula, columbine, coral bells, delphinium, foxglove (digitalis), diascia, penstemon, salvia, yarrow and so much more. Great annuals to pick from include celosia, coleus, dianthus, linaria, lobelia, marigolds, nicotiana, petunias, salvias, and verbena.

  • There is still time for planting bulbs!

  • Ladies and gentlemen: Start your vegetable gardens! Such veggies as the cabbage family (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli), squash, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and cool season tomatoes will be in this month. This is also a good time not only to prune back herbs from last year, but also add in new plants such as chives, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, and thyme. Get your veggies off to a good start with Kellogg's Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost, and Wormgold Plus Wormcastings.

Maintenance Duties

  • Fertilize your lawns. Dr. Earth Lawn Food or Best Turf PLus 24-4-4 slow release.

  • Fertilize your roses. Bayer All-In-One Rose Care, or Dr. Earth Rose Food.

  • Snails will be coming out to munch on the tender new growth. Time to purchase your favorite snail bait. Monterey Sluggo Pet Safe Snail Bait

  • Now is the time to divide perennials such as agapanthus, callas, daylilies, rudbeckia, and daisies. Those with fuchsias can cut them back two-thirds toward the main branches. Remember to leave 2-5 leaf bud/scars for new growth.

  • You can begin pruning your ornamental shrubs (pittosporum, boxwood, etc.) for hedges. Wait to prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees until their blooming is over.

Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees

All deciduous fruit trees need to be pruned at least once a year for good shape and to bear fruit. The rule of thumb with pruning deciduous fruit trees is to prune while the trees are dormant, after the leaves have fallen to the ground but before new buds have swelled....
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