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Happy Easter
Tomato Care

Top Tips for Growing Terrific Tomatoes

Whether in ground or containers; from seed or transplant,
nothing beats fresh homegrown tomatoes. They're great for sauces, salads, and sliced with just a dash of sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Even if you don't think you have a green thumb, this easy-to-follow guide will have you enjoying your own tomatoes in no time!


Lawn aeration
Take a breath of fresh air
Your lawn needs to breathe, just as you do. We frequently forget that plants incorporate oxygen into their life cycles, just as we do. So, whether you're a novice gardener, or an experienced one, remember this word: aeration. Basically, it's poking holes in your lawn so that soil that has become compacted is loosened, increasing its nooks and crannies that absorb water, air, and nutrients. Aeration also stimulates root growth, reduces water runoff, and increases the lawn's drought tolerance, all of which improve the overall health.

Seed Workshops
Learn to start a summer full of vegetables, fruits, and herbs - from seed. Nan Sterman shares the seed starting secrets she's developed over years of testing seeds for Organic Gardening Magazine.

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