Even though many yards are smaller these days, most gardens still are large enough to accommodate a few citrus trees. Not only are the ornamentally beautiful, but citrus trees have fragrant blooms, are evergreen and boast colorful fruits all year long. Just imagine walking out into your yard to pluck an orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, kumquat or other citrus and tasting that delicious homegrown fruit.

All you need is a nice sunny location and your citrus trees will be happy. And if you don't have room, consider planting dwarf citrus varieties in containers. Most dwarf varieties of citrus only grow 6-8 ft. high and look great on any deck or patio.

Citrus trees love full sun and well-drained, sandy soil. If you have more clay-like soil, add a soil amendment along with some play sand to the native soil. Plant the tree on a slight mound to keep the roots elevated for good drainage. And don't forget to mulch, mulch, mulch! Citrus trees like moist soil, but not saturated soil. It's also best to keep the ground clear of other plants under the canopy.

Citrus are heavy feeders and do best when fed with a balanced citrus food every two months year-round. Yellow leaves with dark green veins are usually a sign of chlorosis from iron deficiency which can easily be corrected with an application. If you are growing your citrus in a container, all of the above instructions are for you, too. However, you may need to water more often, because containers tend to dry out.

Citrus are excellent landscape plants that add beauty, fragrance and great tasting, colorful fruit to your garden. We have a great selection of citrus in both standard and dwarf grafted sizes and invite you to stop by and take a few home today. You'll be enjoying great tasting homegrown fruit in no time!